Paola Romero
Presentación en Inglés

Presentación en Inglés

I don’t feel in the least humble before the vastness of the heavens.
The stars may be large but they cannot think or love;
and these are the qualities that impress me far more than size does.

Foundations of Mathematics — F. P. Ramsey

I am currently a Guest Teacher at the London School of Economics, Department of Philosophy.

— I received my PhD from the LSE in 2020 with a thesis titled Kant and Political Willing. My expertise is in political philosophy, specialising in the political and moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant

I am passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge in different formats and for different audiences.

— Following Socrates, I try to discover people’s capacity to understand and absorb knowledge. The classroom is my natural habitat. I have strong communication skills and I am passionate about presenting abstract and complex ideas in a way that is clear and persuasive.

I combine philosophical thinking with cultural projects in various areas.

— I have directed cultural projects bringing together philosophy, art and literature. I nourish myself by reading novels, biographies and British history, a country that has welcomed me for over 12 years. I spend part of my free time visiting museums. I have guided philosophical tours of Renaissance and Baroque art in El Prado Museum and The National Gallery in London.